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Celebrating Your 21st Birthday

Isn’t it amazing how time quickly passes by? You were just celebrating your 1st birthday then you went on to your 16th, and then your 18th… and then now, you are turning 21! Your 21st birthday is indeed a milestone that needs to be celebrated. It is the part of your life where (hopefully) you start realizing your goals and your dreams and finally pursue them.

If you had one foot in the water the whole time you turned 19 or 20, today you are taking the leap and jumping head-on. You are free and independent. More importantly, you are officially and legally an adult full of responsibilities and a lot of big decisions to make. And, the first one of your many life-changing decisions is: who will you hire to document and capture one of the biggest moments of your life?

Make the most out of your 21st birthday party and have the best team of event photographers Sydney has to offer – us! We guarantee you that all the happiest, funniest, and most unforgettable moments at your party will be captured as it happens. And, we will turn these important moments into long-lasting memories that you can look back on for many, many years to come.

Here at Event Photographers Sydney, you can trust us to handle all your photography needs. We have been doing this for several years, shooting hundreds of events all around Sydney. From 21st birthdays to 30th, 40th and 50th, we have attended them all. We have also serviced engagement parties, weddings, school formals, university balls, corporate events, and nightclub parties! No matter what type of event, we have been there for each and every one of our clients. And, we can’t wait to celebrate with you too!


Affordable 21st Birthday Party Packages

Event Photographers Sydney offers the highest quality results and top-notch services. And, to make it even better, our 21st birthday packages have one of the most competitive rates in town! We believe that there should be nothing that can stop you from having fun and celebrating your birthday with the people you love. Similarly, there should be nothing that stops you from hiring the best photographers in Sydney – not even your budget!

With our affordable birthday packages, you can choose from the prices that match your needs and requirements. However, if you can’t find the perfect one, talk to us and we will create a package just for you, depending on what you need and the amount you can spend.

Aside from offering you affordability and quality, we also aim at giving you the easiest and most stress-free booking process. We understand how frustrating planning your 21st birthday is and we never wish to add to your worries. So, with us, you can quickly hire our services and receive your photos in no time!


Here at Event Photographers Sydney, one of our biggest goals is to provide each and every one of our clients an easy process.

We are here to make everything simple for you, starting from the planning. Thus, our event coordinator will work with you and help you settle a date, time, and place for your kid’s 1st birthday. It is also during this time where you can tell us your specifications and special requests. This will be done through email for your convenience.

A day before, you will receive a message from your photographer. And, on the day itself, you can expect him/her to arrive earlier than your set time. We guarantee you a professional photographer who will be punctual, friendly, and who is well-prepared.

A day before, you will receive a message from your photographer. And, on the day itself, you can expect him/her to arrive earlier than your set time. We guarantee you a professional photographer who will be punctual, friendly, and who is well-prepared.


We use only the most advanced and latest photo editing software available today. Thus, we guarantee you stunning, beautiful, and professionally edited photos that reflect not only its quality but also the event itself! We ensure you photos that can last for a very, very long time.


With us, you can choose how to receive your album. You have the freedom to choose a USB with all your photos delivered to your front door or you can choose to download them through a private link which we will send you through email. And, to make it easier for you to share your photos with all your guests, you can also have your photos uploaded straight to our Facebook page if you want to.


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Why Choose Us?

Here at Event Photographers Sydney, we have the latest and most advanced equipment along with the most experienced team of photographers Sydney has to offer. We have been in the event industry for several years now, allowing us to practice what we love doing every single day. In fact, we have been in this for so long that we have already shot hundreds of events around the city. You can check out our portfolio to see some of the samples of our work.

Aside from experience and having the right gear, our team also consists of some of the most passionate, hardworking, and creative individuals you will ever meet. Each of us believes that photography is an art – a way to capture the most unforgettable and precious moments in a person’s life – and we try to achieve this for every event we are hired to do.

So, if you want beautiful and stunning images that can make you remember and feel the same as you do now during your 21st birthday, then choose us. Event Photographers Sydney is your trusted and most reliable birthday party experts that can guarantee you the results you want! We can even take it up a notch and give you the full experience through our DJ for hire, videography, and photo booth hire.


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Aside from events and birthdays, we also offer services for businesses such as our advertising photography and food photography.